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Scaling eCom Business from $199 821/MO to $3 877 354/MO in Just 2 Months and 4 Key, High-Performance Drivers That Made All the Difference

Month 1 – Scaling Up From
~$2000/d to $130 000/d
Month 2 – Stabilization Phase,
Building Up Business Processes

 Taking this brand from $199 821/MO in March to $2 799 821/MO in April and $3 877 354/MO in May. That’s x19 growth in 2 months’ time.

✔ Ramping up Facebook Ads daily ad spend from ~$2 000 up to ~$55 000 per day in 2 months with $1 177 232 spent in May.

✔ Reaching close to 42M unique users with close to 250M impressions.

✔ Making 3.17 ROAS on Facebook Ads in May after the full scaleup.

✔ Making 3.17 ROAS on Facebook Ads in May after the full scaleup.

✔ Making 87 ROAS on Google Ads and YouTube remarketing synchronization with Facebook Ads due to our Everest eCommerce Growth Framework.

✔ Creating more than 30 direct jobs in this client’s business and a myriad more in the supply chain.

Here Is What You’re Going to Learn In This Case Study

➜ Why a good performing funnel is so important in scaling and 7 optimization tricks that gave this business an unfair advantage.

➜ What it takes to spend up to $50-55k a day on Facebook Ads profitably.

 How to incorporate other marketing channels like YouTube and Google Ads alongside Facebook Ads to support acquisition efforts and get ROAS 87.

➜ The nasty side of scaling. Problems that arise when scaling x19 in 2 months and how to deal with them.


Here at the VN Consulting, we continuously try to take clients to the next level, and we take that mission seriously!

And recently we set out to break the status quo of how eCommerce growth should look like and scaling up an eCommerce brand to an 8-figure powerhouse within just a few months.

It was a challenge we created for us, in line with our brand mission of being a first-choice partner for eCommerce entrepreneurs striving to challenge the old way of doing things and conquer their biggest dreams.

We weren’t sure we’re going to be able to pull it off; after all, there are too many moving parts, and achieving this type of growth is a real challenge not only for us but also for the client.

But most importantly – without the courage to try it – you can’t succeed.

This case study talks about what gave results for this particular client, but at the same time, these strategies can be applied to all eCommerce businesses.

So, What’s the Trick to Scaling Your eCommerce Business On a Grand Scale?

In short, the trick to scaling your eCommerce store from $199 821/MO to $3 799 232M/MO in just 2 months is by doing your homework pre-hyper-scaling phase.

This means having your landing page and sales funnel nailed down,
 myriad of creatives prepared, having a crystal clear strategy of how you’re going to deal with the rapid increase in sales, knowing what people you’re going to hire, and most importantly being armed with the best performance media buying skills to give you that edge against competitors.

And it’s a lot to know. A lot to do, and a lot to figure out.

You can try to recreate everything by yourself, potentially spending years. Or…

If you’re already making at least $100K+ a month, you can book a free 30-min Discovery Call with us and we will be able to figure out your business potential together. The button to do so is below.