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How We Tripled An Auto eCom Brand’s Revenue in 8 Months By Fully Relying on Facebook’s DPA Carousel Ads & Leveraging Emails

In the Best Case Studies, the Results Speak for Themselves. Here Is a Sneak Peek:

Within 8 months we have achieved the following:

✔ Growing the online store conversion rate by almost 10x

✔ Increasing the number of orders by 399%

✔ Taking a $50k/month revenue business to $400k/month

✔ Maintaining a returning customer rate of over 15%

Here Is What You’re Going to Learn In This Case Study:

➜ Why good products can sell themselves

➜ How to cheaply market to existing audiences

➜ What marketing styles work best with established brands

➜ Why accidental disruptions might be a good thing


This is the story of how marketing often doesn’t need to be as complicated as people think, and how good products can sell themselves if they’re given the right platform.

We began to work with this client, a powersport accessories company, in October 2020, and they had a respectable monthly revenue of $50k. By this point, they had built a strong brand, a loyal following, and thousands of positive reviews on sites like Amazon.

That said, their marketing wasn’t particularly well developed. So within a handful of weeks, we pushed the conversion rate up by several times and kept it consistently above 2%, as opposed to the former sub 0.5%.

Over the next year, we were tasked with maximizing available acquisition channels and developing new marketing opportunities.

However, after putting more emphasis on ads to drive performance, as well as search campaigns to attract prospects, we began to notice that Dynamic Product Ads (DPA), worked better than our attempts to write and optimize a specific copy.

In addition, we targeted our existing clientele through email marketing, which reduced advertising costs and increased the Lifetime Value (LTV) of our client’s customers. Surprisingly, email marketing came to represent up to a quarter of our revenue! Sometimes going old school is more effective than fancy new techniques.

This discovery led us to 8x the monthly revenue, from $50k to close to $400k, but it wasn’t immediate and there were bumps along the way.


Overall, our client has come a long way. It was founded mid 2017, and until recently had been billing around c.$50k monthly.  In total it had gotten a revenue of close to $800k, but with our help in 8 months, they generated 3x what they generated in their entire existence.

We took them from their emails only producing 5% of their revenue to 25%-30%. This is very good, as considering our budget restrictions and the businesses’ increasingly thin profit margins we can offer relatively inexpensive leads.

As such, the advertising budget can focus on customer acquisition and keep pace with the rising CPM. But we will have to find more scalable acquisition channels, as Google is reliable and produces 4x ROAS, but it has seemingly reached its limit.

It is our belief that once the company is able to adequately address the ongoing supply-side issues, it will be in a fantastic position to grow. At the core of our marketing strategy was putting the product at the forefront.

The foundational cornerstone of our whole 8-month strategy was to highlight the already considerable admiration that people have for these products. When you have a fantastic product, selling it is often the easy part, as you just have to find the right platform and customers will come.